Mike Morris Memorial

The Voice Of The Greenville Tigers

This website is to honor the greatest of radio personalities, Mike Morris. 

He was The Voice of The Greenville Tigers for many years.  Mike was also known for being our weather watcher for Greenville.  You could ask him anytime "what's the weather gonna be like", and he would know.  He and Rich Thomas from WSFA worked closely to keep us informed about the weather.  Mike was also something else, he was a family man.  Along with being a loving husband to Becky for 38 years, he was a loving father to Jennifer and John Michael. 

Mike first got into radio at 1380 AM, WGYV.  In the late 70's he would be one of the first DJ's at the new FM station in Greenville, WKXN 96.  Here he would work along side of the other half of Tiger Football, Terry Golden.  The game was always on time and on schedule.  I have known Mike to have to sit on top of a press box in the pouring rain to broadcast with Terry.  They did not mind, as long as you heard the game and it was clear.  They liked to do a professional job, and that was in everything they ever did.

Mr. Golden decided he needed to break from radio and sold WKXN some years ago.  Mike stayed on and kept the station running ship shape.  There was no margin for error.  He ran a tight ship and it showed.  His work was without flaw even if his health was. 

He will be missed not only for his professional works, but as a friend, a father, and a husband.  Thank You For The Music Mike!


We encourage you to leave a memory about Mike in the guest book section.  He would enjoy the trip down memory lane.

 "To Know Him Is To Love Him, And I Do"

Phil Spector


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In Memory Of Mike Morris